Charter Flights


AMS Airlines L.L.C operates charter flights to the destinations at the customer’s will.

Generally, we carry out the transportation of the following types of cargo:

  • Heavy and/or bulky shipments

  • Fresh products or perishable foodstuffs

  • Livestock

  • Dangerous and explosive substances

  • Valuables (money, gold, credit cards, precious stones)

  • Historical artifacts

  • Humanitarian aid materials

  • Yachts, cars and other motor vehicles


We ensure our clients their cargo to be boarded, transported and disembarked with the highest care to their intended destinations. Special attention will be given to the perishable foodstuffs as well as to the dangerous, harmful and fragile goods.


Heavy and Bulky Cargo

Do to our charter flight service you will be able to order the shipments for larger or bulkier cargo than the standard without referring to different airlines and routes. AMS Airlines L.L.C guarantees to prevent the issues of standard transportation and ensures the cargo delivery in minimum time.


Humanitarian Aid Cargo

If any of the governments, charity organizations or corporations intends to send humanitarian aid via air flight, AMS Airlines offers the best solution by its charter flights to the neediest regions throughout the world. AMS Airlines is ready to become your reliable partner for regions and airports to where there take place no regular air flights.


Fresh Products and Perishable Foodstuffs

Taking into account the particular attention necessary to be given to the fresh and perishable products, AMS Airlines L.L.C. provides with special expertise in this field. Retaining the products’ original freshness is ensured by our qualified staff.


Emergency Cargo

The Company ensures the transportation and delivery of emergency cargo to be carried out under the supervision of its properly trained team. We provide our clients with the possibility to deliver the cargo to its final destination without any complicated documentation procedures which guarantees on-time delivery.


Dangerous and Harmful Substances

AMS Airlines L.L.C fully realizes the importance of careful transportation of DGR cargo, that’s why its delivery is entirely supervised by sufficiently trained DGR experts provided by the Company. The Company owns every single facility necessary to the safe transportation of cargo concerned.


Live Animal Transportation

Our Company carries out the transportation of live animals, such as horses, cattle, dogs, chickens, bears, rabbits, etc. Special attention is paid to the preservation of the living temperature of animals being transported.


Fragile Cargo Transportation

AMS Airlines L.L.C provides with the most sensible service for shipping the fragile cargo by air. Embarkation, disembarkation and transportation are carried out with high care and detail-oriented performance.


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